Walt's Vintage Audio

Welcome! I service and repair solid state and vacuum tube high-fidelity audio equipment on a part-time, individual arrangement basis. My specialty is open reel tape decks, but I work on all types of audio equipment. I've been a hi-fi and open reel enthusiast since the late 1970s, and I earned a degree in electrical/computer engineering in 1990. I am based in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

I have experience with equipment from Acoustic Research, Advent, Akai, Audio-Technica, Dynakit, Fisher, McIntosh, Otari, Pioneer, Quicksilver Audio, Realistic, Revox, Roberts, Sony, TASCAM, TEAC, Technics, Thorens, and others.

For all inquiries, please send email to walt@waltsvintageaudio.com.

Thank you for your interest!

Walt Wimer